Policing Network Prizes 2022

We are currently inviting nominations for our Annual Network prize. Full details can be found below:

  1.      BSC Policing Network Sole Author Prize
Aim To acknowledge and celebrate excellence in policing research and scholarship by members of the British Society of Criminology (BSC). In particular, the panel will look for the advancement of policing studies, or a valuable contribution to the field of policing studies either through innovations in theory, methodology or the application of research in a sole-authored journal article.
Eligibility criteria Applicants:

– must be the sole author of a peer reviewed journal article;

– can be at any stage of their career;

–  must be members of the BSC;

–  may nominate themselves,

though others may nominate them with the applicant’s permission.

The article:

– must be on the police or policing;

– must be published within the last three years i.e. between 1st January 2019 and the present.

How to apply? Nominations, including a 250 word supporting statement outlining how the applicant meets the eligibility criteria and a PDF of the journal article, should be sent to the co-ordinators of prizes for the BSC Policing Network, Dr Matthew Bacon (m.bacon@sheffield.ac.uk) and Dr Camilla De Camargo (c.decamargo@lancaster.ac.uk). These nominations must be received by 5pm on Friday 13th May 2022
How will the winner be determined? The article will be judged against the aims of the prize by members of the steering committee of the BSC Policing Network. The article will be read by at least two reviewers.
What will be the prize? £100 book voucher for Polity Press
Timescales o   13th May 2022 – Receive nominations

o   10th June 2022 – Reviews complete

o   24th June 2022 – Final decisions taken about prize winners by the BSC Policing Network Committee

o   27th June 2022 – Notify prize winners

o   29th – 1st July 2022 – Award prizes at the BSC Conference

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