Blog FAQs

Can I make a comment on an existing blog entry?

Yes. Directly underneath each blog submission there a ‘leave a comment’ hyperlink. Click on this for a ‘reply’ field to appear.

Can anyone submit a blog?

If you would like to contribute a blog to the BSC Policing Network webpage, please contact Sara Grace (Blog Recruiter) –

Do the blogs have to be on a certain subject?

We ask that they are on a policing related subject and are in accordance with the Network’s terms of reference.

What is the word limit for blog submissions?

There is no absolute limit, but we advise that you aim for around 1,000 words.

What should the style of the blog be?

Try not to be too formal. We aim to publish blogs that are personal reflections of policing research and subject matter, rather than formal academic submissions.

Are blog submission peer-reviewed?

No. Your blog will be read and approved by members of the Network’s Steering Committee before it uploaded. But this is not akin to rigorous academic peer review.

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